MS Outlook 2003 Email Account Settings

MS Outlook 2003 Email Account Settings
1. Start MS Outlook.
2. Got to Tools > EMail Accounts.
3. Select Add a new Email Account and press Next button.
4. Select POP3 and press Next button.
5. Your name e.g. ABC.
6. Email Address e.g. abc@domainname.
7. Incoming Mail server e.g. mail.domainname.
8. Outgoing Mail Server e.g. mail.domainname [You can use your ISP smtp]
9. Under Logon Information. User name e.g. abc@domainname, Password e.g. , if you want to save password then check Remember password.
10. You can press Test Settings button to test your settings. It will verify the settings by connecting to your mail server.
11. Press more settings button, you will see some more options like SMTP authentication[if you are using your domain mail server then it must be checked, if you are using your ISP SMTP then no need to check it], and if you want to leave your messges on server or not.
12. Click on Next button and then on next screen click Finish button.
13. Your email account setup in MS Outlook is complete now

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